Appling County Middle School MORP 2015 – Baxley, GA – I didn’t think that Appling Middle School could have brought more energy to the dance than they did last year, but boy I was wrong. Right when the doors opened the young ladies went to the side, kicked off their shoes and ran straight to the dance floor. It was packed the entire night with hand clapping, jumping, and fist pumping to the beat of the music. Once again the students were great and looked like they had a blast. The Dance Sponsor even told me that several of the students asked him before they bought their ticket, if I Need A Beat was going to be DJ’n before they handed him their money. It’s definitely one of my favorite Schools to DJ for. I actually attended the very 1st MORP ever hosted in Appling when I was in Middle School (or Jr. High, what we used to call it). It’s pretty cool to be back DJ’n the same dance that I attended back in the day. #ineedabeatdj #acmsmorp2015